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It seems to me that were the opinion of the court in this case applied to the Colorado Amendment 2 case, the court would have held that Colorado citizens have a right to demand that the state not pass legislation giving special rights to gay people.

The court has ignored the historical context of the question, and its real effects, in a double talk expression of racism. If you have any doubt read the opinion, including Justice Sotomayor's long dissent recalling the history of Jim Crow. Have we lost all the gains for equity I have seen in my lifetime? Are we returning to the political and social meme of the late 19th Century?

And the pro voters on the court know that they are expressing racism, evidenced by their call not to judge that they are acting out of any bad faith. They are, and I do judge them. They are quietly polite white supremacists.

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Dear Friends:

We are very excited to invite you to the premiere of a documentary about the Romero Theater Troupe.  Filmmaker Michael Kilman shadowed the troupe for a year, capturing our work, our performances, our hopes and dreams.  His film, Unbound: The Story of the Romero Theater Troupe, will make its debut on Saturday, April 26th at 7:00 pm at Su Teatro (721 Santa Fe).  We hope that this film might contribute to our vision of community empowerment and organizing from below, our vision of theater as a beautiful space to encounter our own voices and to grow in solidarity as a community, our vision of organic theater as a kind of people's theater where the audience participates in the production.  Please come out to see the film and participate in an important Q and A with the filmmaker and the troupe after the film.  Seating and tickets are first come, first serve. You can rsvp at our facebook event page:

 Hope to see you on the 26th.

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Strong M.I.N.D.S. Can End Human Trafficking 

A Community Discussion with

Nina Martinez from Street’s Hope,

Meagan Morris with Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking

Daniel J. Steele with Rocky Mountain Innocence Lost Task Force

Today there are more slaves in the world than any time in history –  27 million men, women and children.  In Denver right now, human trafficking happens daily but the problem is complex and often under reported.

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