Monthly Archives: November 2014

We are moving our meeting to the THIRD Tuesday, November 18th. Please note this is the second month in a row we have done this -- this is not last month's message!!

We invite you instead on the secondTuesday, November 11th, to attend the second of the FWD series at History Colorado. Carolyn Love will be leading the panel on Economics of Race/The Health of Race. Dr Love is a steady participant at the Second Tuesday Race Forum, and has presented to us.

For the next meeting Harold wants to focus on a racial analysis of the election and what it means for people at the margins, and those who don't realize they are at the margins. Harold will be returning from the Facing Race conference in Dallas (another reason we are moving the meeting) where he expects to get lots of briefing on the election, and he will bring that to us. It will be interesting to hear the perspecitve of each of you on your experience of the election too!

Be alert also that our meeting on the THIRD Tuesday will be in the upstairs in the Balcony Parlor so we can leave Fellowship Hall to some 100 rambuncious Boy Scouts.