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Resetting the Frame – Creating the World We Want

May 12, 2015

siskDespite the futility of Ferguson, Baltimore and North Charleston, things are about to change dramatically. Our guest presenter will be author and global leadership development specialist Chet W. Sisk.   He will talk about something that is hidden in plain sight.  In his view the world is in the middle of a dramatic and powerful paradigm shift that will re-arrange everything. In his new book, Above And Beyond All That We Know: How To Thrive And Succeed In The Current World Paradigm Shift, Chet outlines the 54 biggest world transforming trends and how they are affecting our associations, our families, our employment opportunities, what we eat, where we go, and how it will recast our relationship to white privilege and the current power structure.  Instead of only protesting and marching about injustices, Chet will describe a framework of what can be done to actualize our biggest dreams of peace, empowerment and connectedness. This data-driven research provides a blueprint for our future and the future of our children.

Please see the introduction to his book Here:  Above and Beyond - Introduction

Or you can hear him read his introduction at this link: