About Us

The Second Tuesday Race Forum is a community of individuals concerned with the issue of race/racism and its ongoing impact on our society. We provide a safe, non-judgmental, forum for inter-racial discussions and individual discernment.

Our Goals:

  • Put current events in an historical context
  • See the way race permeates every aspect of our lives
  • Develop a common vocabulary
  • Support individual growth
  • Provide tools for participants to talk with others about racial issues
  • Seek to overcome institutional racism and its systems of dominance and oppression

Our history:

In 1997, Joyce Meskis of the Tattered Cover Book Store and Clara Villarosa of the Hueman Book Store sponsored the first interracial conversation meeting as a book promotion event for the Report of President Clinton's Commission on Race Relations. The group has been meeting monthly since then (for 17 years) from September to May, with Harold Fields facilitating, with a pot luck celebration for Juneteenth, and summers off.

How you can find us:

We meet from 7 - 9 PM on the second Tuesday on most months in the basement of the Park Hill United Methodist Church on the corner of Montview Blvd and Glencoe St in Denver (entrance in the back off the parking lot on Glencoe St). You can drop in without an invitation or reservation. If you want to be sure we are meeting before you come, and to know what our topic for an evening is, you can contact us using the form under " Contact Us" to send us a request. We will gladly put you on our mailing list to get a monthly notice of our meeting with the topic of the month.

Our Logo:



The "knot of reconciliation" is a symbol of reconciliation and peacemaking.

Mpatapo represents the bond or knot that binds parties in a dispute to a peaceful, harmonious reconciliation. It is a symbol of peacemaking after strife.



Second  Tuesday Race Forum Flyer:

Click Here for a link to a PDF of a flyer that summarizes most of the content of this page along with a list of the monthly topics for several months this year.