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The Second Tuesday Race Forum is a place to learn about Race in our lives through monthly conversations about Race. Look at the pictures from our meetings and have a look around the site; at About Us, at the Blog and the Resources Pages.

We are always open to new members. Go to our Contact page to see how you can join us by trying out a meeting or by signing up for our email list.

Talking about Race can be a scary thing. We can't promise you will always be comfortable, but we can say that you will be safe from harm.  You can get some reassurance for your first visit by visiting our Guidelines for Effective Community Engagement Page


Second Tuesday Race Forum by donnie betts -- for the History Colorado Center

The video below was made by donnie betts  in 1914, to show in the exhibit on Race at the History Colorado Center. It is an 11 minute condensation of a one hour meeting.  It has some great lessons, and will help give you an idea of what our meetings are like.

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