Monthly Archives: September 2017

Our September meeting  to kick off the Fall season will be next week, September 12th, 2017,  at the Park Hill United Methodist Church at Montview Blvd and Glencoe St. in Denver. The meeting will start at 7 PM.

Again this month we will be having our meeting downstairs in the Youth Lounge.

Self-Care in Troubling Times

As the summer winds down and the new season starts, we want to take time to discuss and share the self-care strategies that can sustain us.  We are constantly facing tweet storms, hurricane storms, and toxic rising racial waters that have the potential for discouraging the population.  But it is important to stay focused on the goals of real justice and not be distracted by any sleight of hand.  What can be learned from history?  What can Holocaust survivors teach us about resilience?  What does the journey of captured Africans tell us about resistance and adaptation?

In addition, we will spend some time reviewing the discussion guidelines and norms we owe to each other for our meetings. Since our primary way of widening our circle is through building relationships, we encourage you to invite someone you are connected to that you sense is interested in walking with us on this journey to racial healing and equity.  The survey indicates that we are all interested in reaching out to more people of color and younger voices.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many of you have heard that Park Hill United Methodist Church is now a sanctuary location with a family currently seeking refuge there.  Security has been enhanced as we continue to be welcomed to use the building for our meetings.  We can only enter the building from the parking lot where someone will be there to open the door for us.  You may not be able to gain access if you are more than 45 minutes late.

The large parking lot on the north side of the church is accessible off of Glencoe St, that is just east of the church. The door to the church you should use is the one that opens onto that parking lot. If you have passengers with mobility difficulties, you can pull up to that entrance and then park in the lot or on the street. Just inside the door, take the stairwell down to the lower level and follow the hallway, turning to the left into the Youth Lounge. If the stairs are difficult, go straight ahead from the door and find the elevator in the narrow hallway.