NAACP Upcoming Meeting Will Feature DPS Presentation on Racial Demographics

Come to our April 26th Saturday

DPS will attempt to explain the percentage of African Americas in the district.

We meet at Dist.2 Police Station 10:30am to 12pm 3921 Holly St.

Rita R. Lewis, Esq.
NAACP-Denver Branch

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    I have received the following message from one of our members Earleen Brown as a commentary on this invitation to the NAACP meeting:

    DPS is a mess.

    Everyone - especially our elected officials - to whom this email is being sent, if you do nothing to help and protect our teachers, you fail our teachers, you fail our children, you fail public education, and you fail our communities.

    The Denver PUBLIC School system is destroying our PUBLIC system of education. The "call" for quality schools is not calling for quality PUBLIC schools, the "call" is for, and encouraging, new CHARTER schools. Denver PUBLIC schools are intentionally being destroyed by "reform", "turnaround", and "closures". Organizations such as A+, Teach for America, Stand for Children, and DFER (Democrats for Education Reform) are blurring the lines. Most "reform", "turnaround", and "closures" are taking place in areas with a majority of minority and/or low-income populations. Why? Do not be fooled that "reform", "turnaround", and "closures" are what is requested or wanted - the effects are devastating.

    Our children - especially our Black and Brown children - are being treated as commodities, their lives are being sold to the highest bidder .....and so appears the new face of Jim Crow.

    Black teachers and employees number less than 50 in DPS; there was a time when there were hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds. Why have they disappeared? Why haven't our Black "leaders" spoken out, demanded accountability, and done something about it?

    The gap between White and Black students continues to widen, and it will continue to do so if so many of you continue to do nothing but meet, discuss, and watch.

    About Accountability: We have not passed that subtle line between childhood and adulthood until we move from the passive voice to the active voice - that is, until we stop saying "It got lost", and say "I lost it".

    I received the following message from a star teacher:

    "So here are DPS new leap ratings - very inequitable! Needless to say teachers are feeling very under the gun and hopeless! Who comes up with this stuff??"

    Say something, do something !!!l

    Such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing ..... Thomas Paine

    You can either be a host to GOD or a hostage to your EGO .... go with GOD ..... Wayne Dyer

    Earleen Brown


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