December 12, 2017 meeting — The Pervasiveness of Christian Culture

In most societies there may be a dominant religion. Christianity has that leadership role in the United States and most western societies. It is easy for Christian privilege to become invisible, even to non-Christians, unless there is conflict with ideas and values people hold dearly. We have talked a lot about racial hierarchy in Second Tuesday Race Forum meetings, and this month we will apply that understanding and approach to the many dominant expressions of religion in our culture.

Closely related to this: our December meeting falls on the first night of Chanukah, an eight-day Jewish holiday which celebrates light in the face of religious persecution or darkness. It is known as "the festival of lights.” Many communities celebrate the holiday by coming together to light their menorahs, so everyone is welcome to bring a menorah, candles and a lighter if you choose, and we will light together at the beginning of the evening.

Sadly I did not post this announcement until after the meeting. I did post it now so folks visiting our site can see what the December meeting was about.